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Monthly Archives: December 2016


Learning Goals Practice using computational chemistry software; Perform flame tests; Use Erlenmeyer flasks to mix solutions; Use a spectroscope to observe atomic emission; Manipulate units of wavelength and energy; Practice writing ground state and excited state electron configurations. Background María Teresa Ruiz is an astronomer born in 1946. In 1997, Ruiz and coworkers discovered a […]

Data analysis in Excel

Linear relationships are characterized by a slope (m) which tells the steepness of the line and an intercept (b) which tells the value of Y when x is zero.  Because of random measurement errors, experimental data will seldom fall exactly on a line given by the equation Y = m x + b.  A pertinent […]

Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow

Learning goals: maintain safety in a chemistry laboratory,  follow instructions to complete a laboratory experiment, collect experimental data, explain likely sources of experimental error Introduction A chemical reaction occurs when electrons and/or bonds rearrange. A chemical reaction can be described with a chemical equation. You may notice a chemical reaction has occurred by one of […]

Introduction to chemistry lab

Welcome to the chemistry laboratory! Before we get started, we need to cover a few topics: Safety Please read through the safety instructions. You are responsible for knowing this general information and working safely in the laboratory. You will receive more specific instructions before the start of lab each week. Equipment You will be assigned […]