Course Director FAQ

How do I log in?

Login information is on page 2 of the step-by-step instructions.

NOTE: If you are entering materials for Language Schools or Summer programs, please refer to this page as your credentials are different!

What’s my Course ID?

The Course ID MBS is asking for is simply the course number, e.g. BIOL 0140. Please enter your course ID in the 4-letter, space, 4-number format: ABCD 1234. The course ID is NOT your course registration number.

Why is my course locked? Why can’t I add or remove titles?

Once courses have been approved and submitted to MBS at the adoption deadline, all changes and updates to course materials must be submitted to to ensure MBS is aware of the changes. Titles added after the adoption deadline run a higher risk of backordering or running into sourcing issues as we won’t have the 8-12 week sourcing window.

What if there are multiple sections of a course?

In the case of one course with multiple sections, you have two options. If all sections are using the SAME materials, you can simply enter the course without any section letters (e.g. BIOL 0140). If each section is using different materials, please add your section letter (e.g. BIOL 0140A, BIOL 0140C, etc).

When I try to add a course it changes the term to Fall 2019 or some other term. Help!

We’re looking into this right now and hope to have an answer shortly! In the meantime, please open an incognito/private window and log in from there. That’s been solving the problem thus far. We know if you have multiple Course Director tabs open, they will all change to whatever semester you’re looking at, so this may be related to a cache/cookie clearing issue.

Can MBS ship books to students if they aren’t on campus?

Yes! MBS is set up to ship books directly to students, wherever they are, whether it’s on campus, at home, or abroad. Students will be able to enter their shipping address and choose shipping options at checkout.

I already approved my course but I want to add a title/make a change. How do I do that?

We submit courses for sourcing as soon as they’re approved. We are happy to make changes or additions after this time, but please note these additions need to be emailed to us at to be added manually – this is to prevent any last-minute sourcing issues.

Why add a course if I’m not requiring any materials?

If your course is not added, students won’t see anything when they search for materials. This has led to confusion as to whether they have the correct course number, if the class has been canceled, etc. so we recommend ALL courses be added to ensure a smooth student experience.

How do I show I’m not requiring any materials to be purchased?

Please follow the instructions beginning on page 21 of the step-by-step instructions. There’s a drop-down menu with options – select the correct one, click the “add a non-title adoption” button below, and it will add it to the course. Then you’ll be able to approve and submit the course to us. If you add a note without a non-title adoption it will not allow you to approve.

MBS can’t find my title. What do I do now?

Follow the steps on pages 19-20 in the step-by-step instructions to add a new title to the MBS database. We’ll be alerted of any challenges with sourcing the material and will reach out to you with any questions.

My course is in the Course Catalog but I can’t add it. Help!

First, make sure the Course Catalog you’re looking at is the MBS Course Catalog – NOT the Middlebury Course Hub/Registration course catalogs. These websites unfortunately do not communicate, so information is not shared. If you’ve taught your course recently and used MBS to adopt books, follow the steps on pages 10-14 of the step-by-step instructions to add the same course to the current term. The MBS Course Catalog is updated manually so if you find your course is not listed please contact us with questions.

How do I choose the right course from the Course Catalog?

Courses in the Course Catalog are usually followed by a semester designation, e.g. F19, to denote this was the course taught in Fall 2019. This allows for faculty to easily look up the specific semester they’d like to replicate. For these purposes, F = Fall and X = Spring. If there is no semester designation please open the course and review materials prior to approving. These courses were added prior to our manual review system and we cannot guarantee the materials listed for those earlier courses will line up with what you’d like to adopt.

I want my students to order on another platform because it’s cheaper so why enter books on MBS?

We encourage all faculty to use MBS because this gives students the option to choose where to purchase their materials. Students with book loans or financial cannot use these payment sources elsewhere, so it’s very important they have access to the books through MBS. Using MBS also ensures students see the correct ISBN/edition so if they choose to order elsewhere, at least they have the right information to do so. Also, allowing students the freedom to choose the version that best fits their situation is so important. Students may prefer an e-book, a used copy, or a brand-new combination pack, and allowing them to choose what works best for them helps ensure they’ll get what they need.

I have a question you didn’t answer!

Please email us at and we’ll help you out!