We will reach out to the professor as soon as we are notified a book is on backorder from the publisher. Backorder dates are not guaranteed so we want to make sure everyone is aware in case the dates get pushed out.

Backorders come from the publisher, not MBS, and we would have encountered the same issues if we still had books in the store. At that time we had a larger staff who spent time finding individual titles. However, this additional work with third-party sellers increased the cost of the books to students and we have ended this practice.

Please note when a book is on backorder with the publisher it may still be available from outside sources (such as Amazon), but we do not source titles from individual sellers. If students have not yet ordered the book they can definitely check with alternate sources if they so choose, although shipping times are not guaranteed, prices may vary, and there is no guarantee the book is the correct ISBN/edition when purchased from a third-party seller.