Adoption Deadline Info

Why is our adoption deadline so early?

Adoptions are required by law to be available to students at the time of registration (please see this post for more information). This is important for students to see the total cost of their education, and allows us to stock titles for students who may be using financial aid for their books.

Delayed adoptions can cause delays in sourcing and stocking, especially for out of print titles.

Please note, we submit all approved courses for sourcing as soon as they’re approved, even if it’s before the deadline. Middlebury’s terms start a little later than other institutions and this helps ensure we can source enough copies of materials at the most competitive prices.

Why does it matter when I adopt books if books aren’t stocked in the store?

We continue to use MBS as our off-site warehouse and they begin sourcing and stocking books as soon as we submit adoptions (minimum 8-12 weeks prior to the start of class). Our deadlines allow us to give the best price for books to students during the December and May buyback periods.  Book prices are based on supply and demand, therefore a book that has already been adopted will yield a higher price than one that hasn’t.

When do students order books? Why don’t my students have their books on the first day?

The Online Bookstore opens a month prior to class with consolidated free shipping to Middlebury for all student orders. Books are not stocked in the Middlebury College Store so please remind your students to order early. Having books adopted and ready to go for students allows them to take advantage of this free shipping promotion and have their books ready before the first day of class. It also ensures students are able to acquire materials in the event of sell-through on initial stock.

Recent surveys show over half of students wait to order their materials until the first week of class because they either didn’t know what was required or wanted to see if they truly needed the materials. If you know which text you’re using first, you can note that in Course Director (or let us know and we will add the note) to assist students in acquiring that book for the first day of class. Having an updated syllabus available at the time of registration with required texts listed is also helpful.