Table of Contents


BLTN NextGen Leadership Network Launched

BLTN at NCTE 2017

Mobilizing and Connecting Communities across the Heartland: 2017 Brings a Resurgence to Buckeye Bread Loaf by Chris Moore

A Dialogue on “Erase the Space” by Derek Burtch and Amelia Gordon

Help Needed!: A Story of Bread Loaf Teacher Networking by Alfredo Celedón Luján

Bringing it Back: Bread Loaf Teachers Reflect on Summer Learning

BreadCast: A BLTN Podcast Series by Tom McKenna

Letters from the Field: BLTN Reading and Teaching with Adam King, Annie Syed, Ashlynn Witchow, Marcos Namit, Nate Archambault, Paul Dragin, Bob Uhl, and Kyle Dennan

The Story of “What’s the Story?”: The I-Search as a Political Act by Tim O’Leary

South“: A Poem by Jaden Red-hair


Nancie Atwell Gives the 2017 Drew Lecture

Andover Bread Loaf Newsletter Features NextGen Youth with Lou Bernieri


One Word at a Time: Peace Literacy in El Salvador with Jennifer Coreas, Amaryllis Lopez, and Rex Lee Jim

A Genre without Borders: Memoir, History, and Social Action by Jennifer Coreas

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