Table of Contents


Fancypants, Pen Pals, and Real English: Making Space for Learning with Uncertainty by Gregory Masterson Booth

BLTN NextGen: A Youth Social Action Movement by Dixie Goswami with Robbie Spencer

Bringing it Back: BLTN Teachers Bring Home Summer Learning by Brent Peters, Amelia Gordon, and Mery Lizardo

Defying Perceived Limitations: Lessons from a BLTN NextGen Internship by Dewight Leupp

 What’s the Story?: Teaching Skills for Social Change by Tim O’Leary

 What’s the Story? at Bellows Free Academy: A Vermont Collaboration by Nathan Archambault

BLTN Action Grant Funds Young Adult Book Club by Kurt Ostrow


Santa Fe Spotlight: Teaching Multimodal Writing in a Digital Age by Tom McKenna with Cruz Medina, Lauren Jewett, and Jei-Jei Tan

Caption That! with Brenda Breuggemann, Norma Miller and Tim O’Leary


Writing for Peace: Andover Bread Loaf in Karachi and Mumbai with Rich Gorham

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