Karachi Connection: A Webinar on Teaching Writing

Oct 3rd, 2015 | By | Category: BLTN International, BLTN Teachers, Fall 2015

The School of Writing in Karachi, Pakistan, organized a webinar for school teachers from Karachi this past September. Andover Bread Loaf and Bread Loaf Teacher Network colleagues Mohsin Tejani in Karachi and Lorena German in Austin, Texas, collaboratively designed the two-hour virtual visit with Lorena. Topics Lorena covered with the teachers included “skills-based learning, accountability of students and teachers, interactive and engaging lessons, and promoting social justice via student-centered teaching.”

“For us this is the beginning of a new era of professional development support that the School of Writing provides to the teaching community in Pakistan. We would like to take this forward with many more webinars/online workshops and sessions. I had nine people on the waiting list whom we couldn’t accommodate because of lack of space, and we are ready to repeat this whenever you are ready . . . The School of Writing, in collaboration with BLTN, would like to offer at least one webinar every month, if not more.”—Mohsin Tejani

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