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FastImageCat is designed to speed up descriptive data entry for large collections of images.

The process works like this:
1. FastImageCat looks through a directory and creates a “todo” list containing every image file that does not have a corresponding JSON file in the directory (e.g., if thisimage.jpg exists in the directory, but thisimage.json does not, thisimage.jpg is added to the todo list)
2. For each item in the todo list, the script:
a. displays the image
b. reads a json file (defaults.json) holding global defaults for descriptive metadata keys and values, and asks the user to give values (or confirm a null entry) for each empty key.
c. writes a json file with the item’s descriptive metadata (default and user submitted).

It’s still buggy and not yet very portable, but should help us burn through many undocumented images by dramatically reducing the time spent clicking between windows or retyping repeated values.

Features to look forward to: options, or a different version, with the ability to interact with Internet Archive or add items automatically to collections on completion; a more portable image display mechanism; a GUI suitable for Windows users.