Too old to twarc? 

“What do you mean nobody’s tweeting about Eisenhower’s mistress anymore?”

Now that the digital projects lab has some student help, we’ve been ramping up our Twitter mining operations.

Twitter’s API only allows one to sample tweets from the past 7 days, meaning older tweets will not be harvested with twarc. So we began using a handy little Web scraper written by Jefferson Henrique aptly named “GetOldTweets” and implemented in both java and python.  We’re using the python version.

I intend to modify it a bit to better suit our needs, but for the moment it is an exciting and easy way of getting around the API’s limitations.

Many thanks to the developer — I find myself reminded and humbled again by the fact that none of my work would be possible without countless people who generously make their code available to the public.