Week 4: Modern Bedouin Poetry


•     Tuesday (3/4) – Contemporary Bedouin (Nabati) Poetry

March 4_presentation

Reading guide_3.4

Hwk Eres: “He who Breaks the Bones” (pp. 207-228), Arabia of the Bedouin; “Egyptian Government” (2.1, pp. 68-70), “Complaint to God” (2.3, pp. 73-76), “To Nāyif al-Khrayša” (3.4, 92-97), “Fart Arse and Fart Fussy” (5.2, pp. 170-175), Poetry and Politics in Contemporary Bedouin Society


•     Thursday (3/6) – Tradition and Modernity in Nabati Poetry

Kurpershoek’s original recordings 

“Earth and Sky I Gobbled Up”

Poem by Dindan  (Listen here)

Hwk – Writing assignment #2 (3 pages) due Tuesday, 3/11 at 5pm; please print out and bring the first  paragraph of your paper to class for peer review