Week 3: Pre-Islamic Poetry cont.


•     Tuesday (2/25) – The Rite-of-Passage Paradigm

HwkEres: “The Wandering King,” The Seven Odes (pp. 31-66, you may skip from the paragraph in the middle of p. 51 that begins “The metre is of the first species..” until you arrive at the complete text of the poem on p. 63).

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Listen to an Arabic recitation of the Mu’allaqa of Imru’ al-Qays (accompanied by translation)


•     Thursday (2/27) –  The Mu’allaqa of Imru’ al-Qays; Writing Workshop #1 


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HwkERes: “On a Sand Dune” (pp. 9-20) & “Pilgrimage” (pp. 96-108), Arabia of the Bedouin; “The Sociocultural Setting” (pp. 17-33 [end of poem, mid-page]), Nabati Poetry