Lecture Slides

I would like to thank Youssef Haddad for allowing me to use some of his class materials on some of these slides.

Lecture 1: General introduction to linguistics and sociolinguistics.

Lecture 2: Arabic as a Semitic language.

Lecture 3: History of Arabic cont.

Lecture 4: Modern Arabic; the emergence of MSA; diglossia in the modern era

Lecture 5: Phonetics: Consonants in CLA and the dialects.

Lecture 6: Screening of The Writing Code

Lecture 7: The ever-awesome diglossia and some related issues

Lecture 8: Measuring attitudes towards different dialects; Vowels in CLA and the dialects

Lecture 9: Language variation and change: Approaches. Ethnicity and Arabic

Lecture 10: Language variation and change cont.: Religion, urbanization. Leveling

Lecture 11: Presentations on the five Arabic dialect groups

Lecture 12: Language attitudes and language ideologies.

Lecture 13: Code-switching

Lecture 14: Code-switching cont. The Matrix Language Model

Lecture 15: Presentations on code-switching

Lecture 16: Presentations cont.

Lecture 17: Language and gender

Lecture 18: Language and gender cont.

Lecture 19: Language and gender cont.; Language policy

Lecture 20: Language policies cont. French colonization effects. Also, click here for slides on British colonization effects.

Lecture 21: Guest lecture by Prof. Sam Liebhaber on Mehri.

Lecture 22: Research paper presentations

Lecture 23: Research paper presentations

Lecture 24: Research paper presentations. Diglossia and code-choice in the Egyptian Revolution.


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