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New online quarterly library newsletter!

The Library is pleased to announce the first issue of our new, as-yet-unnamed, newsletter!  Please visit us online here (go/librarynews) and read up on helpful research and technology tips, a feature article on Orion Lewis in Political Science, who’s taught a fascinating hybrid (online/in-person) class with Middlebury and MIIS students, tech tips, and more.

Our plan is to publish this 4 times per year, and we need your help with a name!  If you’d like to vote for a newsletter name, please also visit our Doodle poll!

Nominate LIS staff for recognition

Each month, LIS awards one LIS staff member employee of the month, one LIS “crew” of the month, and one LIS student employee of the month.  We welcome recommendations and nominations from all areas of the College, especially from faculty, students and staff outside of LIS who have received great assistance from LIS staff.  Whether this involved exceptional support for a specific project or consistent and reliable service over a period of time, please take a moment and submit a nomination. Log in and share some details about why the staff member or group deserves recognition: go/nominate.
Many thanks!

Hooray for Libraries! April 8-14 is National Library Week!

Two hundred twelve years ago this month, and six months before the actual founding of Middlebury College, 34 shares of stock were sold at $25 per share in order to purchase the initial collection of books for the Middlebury College library. Here is a scan of the first page of the constitution of the College library, from the original held in Middlebury College’s Special Collections and Archives.Middlebury College library constitution from April, 1800Although as a librarian I’m obviously biased, I believe that, in a society in which nearly everything has become commoditized, libraries represent certain “higher” ideals. They remind us that there is such as thing as the “public (or community) good,” and that ideas, knowledge, learning, and even pleasure should not necessarily be parceled out depending upon one’s ability to pay, but rather should be accessible to anyone and everyone with the desire and curiosity to learn new things, to explore new ideas, and to wallow in art.

I hope this week you will take some time out to support your favorite library, whether it’s your hometown public library, Ilsley Public Library in downtown Middlebury, Armstrong LIbrary in BiHall, Davison Library up at Bread Loaf, Coleman Library across the continent in Monterey, or, of course, Davis Family Library here at Middlebury College. So give us a shout in the comment box if you love libraries!