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Classroom A/V upgrades: AXT 201, FIC Freeman 1, FIC Cook 1, Gifford Classroom, MBH (several)

In December 2013 LIS upgraded the audio/video equipment in many classrooms on-campus: AXT 201 FIC FR1 FIC CK1 GFD CLS BIH 104 BIH 117 BIH 161 BIH 317 BIH 505 BIH 632 PRS KDR Here is what has changed: – installed a new, brighter, high definition projector – added a new type of connection (HDMI) […] Continue reading

New way to dial videoconferences between Middlebury, Monterey and DC

We now have a new (easier) way to make videoconference calls amongst our locations: a short alias (six digit number) can be used to place calls between videoconference rooms in Middlebury, Monterey and DC. It is no longer necessary to … Continue reading Continue reading

Goodbye VHS (and LaserDisc) – The Analog Sunset

This is a reminder and an update since our post in April regarding removal of VHS and LaserDisc players from classrooms starting January 1, 2014. Important notice about the analog video format This is an important notice about the analog … Continue reading Continue reading

New videoconferencing IP addresses for Middlebury

As of Friday, September 6th, 2013, LIS switched over all videoconferencing rooms at Middlebury to a new, more reliable network for videoconferencing. As a result, our IP addresses have changed. If you schedule and run videoconferences without LIS support, you … Continue reading Continue reading

Helpful Media/AV Tips for the New Semester

The Fall semester is almost upon us. We are checking each classroom and event space to ensure the technology is working so we should be able to proactively avoid most hardware failures. However, put any two pieces of technology together … Continue reading Continue reading

Short video – How to use the touch panel in a classroom

More than half of our classrooms have been standardized on one type of touch panel (Extron). By the end of the upcoming academic year, close to three quarters will have the same type of touch panel. We’ve put together a … Continue reading Continue reading

New Smart Classrooms in Twilight

Dear colleagues, In late May and early June of this year, LIS worked with Facilities Services to add new media equipment in several classrooms in Twilight: 110, 204, 206 and 301. You can now play DVD (or Blu ray) discs … Continue reading Continue reading

Goodbye VHS – The Analog Sunset

Important notice about the analog video format This is an important notice about the analog video format. It relates to the phasing out analog media and analog players (VCR, Laserdisc [LD] and slide projectors) in the classrooms at Middlebury College. … Continue reading Continue reading

Orientation session for new classroom technology

LIS is offering orientation sessions for the new audio/video technology that is scheduled to be installed in several Warner classrooms. We hope that these sessions will help make a smooth transition from the old technology to the new one. Anyone … Continue reading Continue reading

Smart Classroom Renovations in Warner this December & January

Lighting and audio/video renovations will take place between Dec 16 and Jan 6 in all Warner classrooms except the Hemicycle. LIS will offer orientation sessions prior to December in identical classrooms, as well as during the first week of J-term … Continue reading Continue reading