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Moodle Maintenance on Friday, March 6th, 2015

From Remote-Learner: In order to increase the resilience and reliability of our cloud platform we will be conducting network maintenance on 3/06/2015 between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., EST. During this time sites will be unavailable for extended periods of time. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve your experience. Sincerely, Remote-Learner Technical Support Continue reading

Friday links – Feb. 20, 2015

Google and Mattel pull the View-Master into virtual reality – Let’s recall the iconic View-Master toy that first launched in 1939 — it used small colored film that brought images to 3D life. Now, it’s getting a massive overhaul with the help of Google and its Cardboard VR (virtual reality) viewer. Continue reading

Friday links – Feb. 13, 2015

2015 might be the year we start to get online identity right – Authenticating someone’s identity at a high level of certainty is key to completing many high-risk transactions, online or off. Without doing so, online banking wouldn’t work. Continue reading

Digital Media Bootcamp Update

We have added one more workshop to the Digital Media Bootcamp series in January. Heather Stafford and Cynthia Slater (a.k.a. Pij) will be leading a session on infographics and storytelling with data. Title Date Infographics: Storytelling with Data @ 2:45pm January 28, 2015 View & sign-up » It’s no secret the using charts and diagrams […] Continue reading

Digital Media Bootcamp Update

Three of the Adobe workshops have filled up, as well as the Omeka workshop. We have added four more workshops to the series to accommodate the demand: Adobe Photoshop @ 1pm January 5, 2015 View & sign-up » Adobe InDesign @ 2:45pm January 12, 2015 View & sign-up » Building Digital Exhibits with Omeka @ […] Continue reading

Friday Links – October 10, 2014

How tech is changing the way we think and what we think about – There are a myriad of arguments for and against the increased use of technology in everyday life. Futurists and technophiles encourage its use, sure that technology will welcome a new utopia, while luddites rail against the “destructive” nature of technology use. […] Continue reading

Digital Media Bootcamp 2015

In order to allow for flexibility in our hiring, we will be offering the Digital Media Tutor training during the month of January, and are opening up the sessions to all interested faculty, staff and students. This is the same training that we have been using for the Summer Digital Media Tutor program. The following […] Continue reading

Moodle Update on Friday, August 19th

From Remote-Learner: Dear Valued Client, In order to increase the resilience and reliability of our cloud platform we will be conducting database maintenance on September, 19th between 12:01 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. EST. During most of this period your site will be operational, but there may be short periods of connection loss to the internet. Thank you […] Continue reading

Course Sites and New Services

Last year we posted some course site suggestions for faculty. The information is still relevant, and here is a short summary for those who only need a reminder: Where to find help for faculty – Where to find help for students working on media assignments – Start at the Course Hub – Add your syllabus as a […] Continue reading

Moodle Maintenance on Friday, August 15th

This message is from Remote-Learner, our Moodle host: Remote Learner will be conducting database maintenance August the 15th from 01:00 AM EST until 04:00 AM EST on the Kansas City data center. During this window we will be improving the performance and resiliency of our database system. During this time you may experience periods with loss of […] Continue reading