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Golf Course News!

After 18 years as Director of Golf Operations, Jim Dayton will be retiring on May 6. Please join us for a reception in Jim’s honor on Friday, April 29 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Kirk Alumni Center at the Ralph Myhre Golf Course.  We hope you can join us in wishing Jim well as he moves into retirement.

You will still see the same friendly and helpful staff at the Golf Course. Derrick Cram will assume the role of Business Manager, Chris Daly will expand his role as Head Golf Professional, and Jake Wilkinson will assume the role of Grounds Crew Chief.   The College is pleased to have this team of professionals operating the course.   The Golf Course has a new tee time point of sale system that will streamline the process for arranging a tee time and picking up your golf clothing, supplies, and equipment.

Keep watch for word on some exciting changes to the food and beverage service at the Golf Course.

Hope to see you on the Golf Course soon!

Enterprise & National Car Rental Airport Program

Middlebury College is a member of the E&I Purchasing Group. Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental are the preferred rental car suppliers for E&I Purchasing Group members. Middlebury’s membership in the E&I Purchasing group allows us to consolidate spending, simplify program management, and reduce our annual car rental expenditures.  Rentals with the E&I contract with Enterprise and National means that all insurance is included in the rental rate. This program is for airport rentals and does not affect the Middlebury local rental program with Enterprise.

The program with Enterprise and National provides you with special recognition, service, and speed, whether renting at an airport or in the local market where you live and work. National provides speed and consistency for our most frequent airport travelers through the Emerald Club. Enterprise has locations in local markets across the country, including here in Middlebury and in Monterey.

Please click on the enrollment link  to access the online application and complete the enrollment process.  This will take approximately five minutes and your membership will be active immediately upon completion.

Andrea Houle, business rental sales executive for Enterprise, is happy to answer any questions you have about the program. Her e-mail is, and her office phone is 518.383.3444, ext. 236. Continue reading

Risk Management News

The Business Services Office has posted two new items on the insurance section of our website. The first is an online form for requesting Certificates of Insurance. It can be found at

The second is an informational page to assist in using the new standard release forms. These forms are valid in California, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Vermont. The release forms and information sheet can be found at the some link under Release Forms. If you have any questions on these forms please e-mail us at either or

Standardized Release Forms Now Available for Use

The Business Services Office is pleased to announce the completion of an 18-month project to create a set of General Releases and Covenants Not to Sue. There are five forms set up as fill-in-the-blank PDFs. These forms have been approved by our lawyers for use in Vermont, California, North Carolina, and New Mexico.

The five forms are named Activities General Release, Facilities Use Release, Field Trip Release, Physical Non-Sport Release, and Sports Activities Release.

The Sports Activities Release form is designed to be used for athletic programs and events like summer sports camps, Language School scorer games, and events that feature a sports component.

The Physical Non-Sport Release is designed to be used for events and activities which have a physical activity but are not an organized sport, like an exercise or dance class, the Relay for Life, etc.

The Field Trip Release is designed for trips for class research, commons or club trips where the travel and the activity are not as physical as the prior two releases like a trip to a lecture in Boston, movie in Burlington, or a research trip to Lake Dunmore.

The Activities General Release is designed for those events and activities that do not seem to fit in the other forms.

Facilities Use Release is for non-Middlebury College groups to complete if they are using our facilities.

The different forms were created to make completing them easier and quicker.  It is more important that the participant understand and acknowledge the risk on a form than whether you use the correct form.  If you have questions, please call the Business Services Office at 802-443-5504.

Please do not alter the wording on the forms, only fill in the required information and obtain the correct signatures.  There must be a signed form for each person participating in each event.  You need to keep these on file for seven years following the event. If you do not have a safe place to store them, please send them to the Business Services Office with a description of the event and the date or dates it was held

The forms are located on the Business Services Webpage at: