How to Add an Announcement

You can reach MiddPoints Weekly by typing go/announcements in your browser (mozilla firefox is recommended), or http://go.middlebury. edu/announcements if you’re off campus.

To go straight to the “dashboard” section and post an announcement, use go/announce ( You’ll be prompted to log in, and then you’ll be taken to a new post in the “Dashboard” section. Fill in the title (“Add title here”), put your message in the text box, and then click on “Save Draft” in the right-hand toolbox. Then you can “Preview” your work, and if you’re happy, click on the “Submit for review.” button.

Note that MiddPoints Weekly is intended for news and announcements from and about College offices, departments, and programs. The audiences are Middlebury’s faculty and staff. Note that posts will not be viewable to the public until they’ve been reviewed and approved by the Middpoints Editor.

Please note also that Middlebury’s “Calendar of Events” continues to be the place to share information on coming events.

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