If you participated in a flexible spending account in 2017, please remember that any medical or dependent care FSA claims incurred through December 31, 2017 should be filed for reimbursement before March 31, 2018. While at this point in time you can no longer use your FSA debit card for 2017 claims, you may upload your claims by visiting the website or mobile app. You may also submit your claim(s) via mail or fax by using the claim form.

You should also make sure you have completed all substantiation requests.  For assistance with substantiation, please contact customer service at 1-800-865-6543, M-F 8am-8pm (EST).

After March 31st, remaining 2017 Health FSA balances, up to a maximum of $500 will be rolled over to your 2018 Health FSA account.  The rollovers are expected to be credited to employees accounts with MyCafeteriaPlan in or around April, 2018.  If an employee participated in the flex spending accounts in 2017, but did not enroll in 2018, any rollover funds available to them will result in a new account being opened for them at MyCafeteriaPlan, and debit cards issued.

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