January EFAP News: Setting Goals in Motion


Vision Boards: Creating the Life You Want

Thursday, January 26th 

12-1pm and 3-4pm EST
11-12pm and 2-3pm 
10-11am and 1-2pm 
9-10am and 12-1pm 

Set goals, dream big, and create a life of purpose. Vision boards are made up of images, affirmations, and quotes to visually display one’s goals, dreams, and desired accomplishments. In this interactive webinar, attendees will be able to write their vision and create a tangible artifact by following a three-step vision board process.

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Shaping Your Future, One Goal at a Time

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It’s another way of saying that great things often take time to materialize, and that certainly can be true of goal setting. As you strive to tackle your next major life challenge, keep the following in mind:

Write out your goals. Use clear, specific, positive language. Put these in a place where you will be reminded often. The more you make goal setting and review part of your routine, the more goals you will set, pursue, and meet.

Create a reward system. It is hard for any of us to hold out for rewards until we’ve reached the pinnacle of our pursuit. Think of how you will reward yourself along the way as you reach each of your intermediate goals.

Celebrate intermediate goals. Remember the rewards structure you set for yourself. Intermediate goals have a greater probability of attainment because they are smaller and closer to your original behavior than ultimate goals. It helps to preserve motivation by recognizing the accomplishment of intermediate goals. The motivation can also help you reach outside your comfort zone to excel to the next step in your action plan.

Enlist support. In athletic competition, “crowd support” is invigorating and helps competitors when their physical and mental resources grow thin. Such is the case with personal change. Get the support of others to help maintain your energy, drive and focus. 

Attend the webinar. This month be sure to register and attend the webinar, “Vision Boards: Creating the Life You Want.” Taking advantage of this free learning opportunity can help you can help you explore your aspirations in a fun, interactive, online forum. A full description and registration information is listed in the sidebar to the right. If you’re unable to attend at any of the times, log on to the website at a later time to view the archived presentation. 

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