Envisioning Middlebury: The Shape of Learning

shape-learningMiddlebury Institute faculty, staff and students gathered in the Digital Learning Commons on the morning after Jacqueline Royster’s Envisioning Middlebury Lecture, for a breakfast conversation about her concept of “Integrative Liberal Arts.”


FFI Presidential Fellow Galen Anderson’s learning shape: nonlinear and highly interconnected.

Noting that there are “mirror image” similarities between the Institute’s relationship to the College, and Ivan Allen College’s relationship to Georgia Tech, the group discussed various “shapes” of learning as they play out across both undergraduate and graduate education.

Building on concepts in Thomas Carey’s article, “Is the Future of Liberal Arts Programs “K-shaped?” participants demonstrated that I, T, and K-shaped learning all have a role to play, both in a liberal arts college and a professional school, but this did not stop this creative group from designing several new shapes that learning might take in the future.