Employee Accomplishment – Congrats to Ian Burke!

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Ian.Burke2Ian Burke, our Network Security Administrator in Library and Information Services, has just completed his Master of Science degree in Master of Information Assurance through Regis University!

Here is what a few of Ian’s colleagues have to say about his work:

“Ian is a dedicated Middlebury employee who helps to protect Middlebury’s information assets every day. Ian is always willing to help out and his positive outlook is refreshing!”

“It is a daunting task to build and maintain secure information systems that also allow folks to do their work.  Ian Burke listens to the needs of the community, while bringing a wealth of work experience and knowledge to do just that for the College.  Congratulations to Ian on the completion of his Master’s degree.”

“This is a monumental accomplishment for Ian. Ian started working on his MA three years ago.  He would set his alarm clock for 2:00 AM every morning and would devote the hours of 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM to his studies so as not to impact his family time… Incredible dedication. I am in awe of this accomplishment. “

Please join us in congratulating Ian on his achievement!

14 Responses to Employee Accomplishment – Congrats to Ian Burke!

  1. kguttent says:

    Well done, Ian! And very humbling. What an accomplishment! Hope you can get some sleep.

  2. Mary Backus says:

    And he’s always cheerful! You are an inspiration, Ian. Congratulations!

  3. Ronald Liebowitz says:

    Congratulations, Ian!!

  4. Martha New says:

    You are amazing. Way to go!! Marty

  5. Amy Holbrook says:

    Impressive! Congratulations, Ian!

  6. Rebekah Irwin says:

    Congratulations! So, when we’ve been passing each other on our morning commutes you’ve already been awake for 6 hours?

  7. Cynthia Slater says:

    Fabulous! Nicely done, Ian. This is no small accomplishment.

  8. Jane Aube says:

    Congratulations Ian!

  9. Billy Sneed says:

    Congratulations Ian, on an impressive accomplishment.

  10. Terry Simpkins says:

    Fantastic, and all the more impressive doing this with a FT job and family. Congratulations, Ian! Now get some sleep. :)

  11. Congratulations, Ian, well done!

  12. Zachary Schuetz says:

    Way to go, Ian!

  13. Congrats, Ian! Good for you and for the College, too 😉

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