Informal Performance Evaluations for Staff Members

Annual written performance evaluations are conducted for staff members between January 1 and March 31 of each year as part of the College’s ongoing performance feedback process. Also part of this process are informal performance evaluation meetings conducted at six-month intervals between the annual written performance evaluations. For most staff, informal evaluation meetings occur between July and September.

The annual evaluation process is designed to give employees and supervisors an opportunity to evaluate work accomplishments and performance during the review period and establish goals and objectives for the future. The informal evaluation provides a valuable opportunity for mid-year feedback, review of the progress in meeting goals, and plans for any necessary adjustments.

Supervisors should be making plans to meet with their staff members to conduct mid-year performance discussions if not already completed. Staff and supervisors should contact Human Resources at ext. 5465, option 2, with any questions or concerns about the performance evaluation process.


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Laura. Can you speak to how this relates to the (new to some) practice of regularly meeting one on one with staff (from the Management training)? Should this be a separate meeting? Is it redundant if those meetings are happening consistently?

    1. Thanks, Dan. This is a great question! The informal evaluation meeting does not need to be separate, nor redundant. I would suggest letting the person know that at your next one-on-one meeting you would like to do an informal summary of the year so far, what is on the horizon for the next 6 months, and that you would like for the staff member to prepare to discuss this, as well. Even though you may be talking weekly, having a focused summary meeting might be a bit different. You could even structure it by asking: What is going well? What could be improved? And what should you focus on between now and APS time?

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