HR Update: Catch Up with HR on Facebook and Twitter

This week the Human Resources department took our first steps into the world of social media. You can now follow Middlebury HR on Twitter at @MiddleburyHR or like us on Facebook at We will be using these as another means of communication to share information that is highlighted on our website, the MiddPoints blog and our employment postings portal. It is important to note that no additional information will be shared on Twitter or Facebook that you cannot find in these other venues. Rather, we will use these tools as another means to provide an information stream to our various audiences.

This week’s employment snapshot:

There are currently six faculty positions, one summer Language School faculty position, 29 external job postings, and one internal job posting on the Middlebury College employment opportunities websites.

Employment Quick Links:

Faculty Employment Opportunities: go/faculty-jobs (on campus), (off campus)

Summer Language School Faculty Opportunities: go/ls-faculty-jobs (on campus), (off campus)

Staff Employment Opportunities:  go/staff-jobs (on campus),  (off campus)