HR Update: Timeline Change for Internal Postings

Beginning the week of April 23, internal employment postings at the College will be posted for 10 business days before moving to external posting status. Previously, internal postings were subject to a 30 day minimum posting requirement prior to moving to the external site. The intent is to give internal applicants the opportunity to apply for positions before they are open to the general public, while also helping hiring managers to complete their searches in a timely manner.

The College remains committed to providing professional development opportunities. Employees interested in internal postings should be sure to check the internal site frequently and  apply promptly to be  considered for an internal posting. As always, hiring managers should review applicant information frequently to ensure that they identify and connect with strong candidates in a timely manner.

This week’s employment snapshot:

There are currently six faculty positions, one summer Language School faculty position, and 26 external job postings on the Middlebury College employment opportunities websites.

Employment Quick Links:

Faculty Employment Opportunities: go/faculty-jobs (on campus), (off campus)

Summer Language School Faculty Opportunities: go/ls-faculty-jobs (on campus), (off campus)

Staff Employment Opportunities:  go/staff-jobs (on campus),  (off campus)