Employee Recognition: Lisa Hoff

We are very pleased to share that Lisa Hoff, Benefits Specialist in Human Resources, was awarded the Coast Guard Commendation Medal as a Senior Chief Yeoman in the United States Coast Guard Reserve in September 2011.

Lisa received this recognition for her work in New Orleans as a part of the Critical Personnel Resources Unit for the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Deepwater Horizon Spill of National Significance from May 23 to July 21 2010.  Her commendation reads:

“During this period, Senior Chief Petty Officer Hoff managed the processing of over 3,000 requests for personnel, requiring over 6,000 Mobilization Readiness Tracking Tool entries. As a result, during her tenure over 2,100 Coast Guard responders were mobilized and deployed. She organized, trained, and managed a staff of 17 enlisted personnel and reduced internal UAC request for forces cycle time from six days to less than 24 hours, resulting in greatly increased lead time for Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM) and Personnel Service Center. She also developed personnel usage reports that provided clarity and fostered unity of effort, impacting decisions at the highest levels of the response. Chief Petty Officer Hoff’s dedication, judgment, and devotion to duty are most heartily commended and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Coast Guard.”

Congratulations Lisa on your outstanding contribution to this effort!

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