Midd Employment Update

Do you ever wonder why the Employment Opportunities e-mail might not match the listings that are on the website? In the Human Resources office, we get this question a lot!

The answer is that at any given time there are several different positions working their way through different steps in the approval process. The status of different positions can change within a matter of moments based on where they are in the process. That’s why, although the e-mail can be a helpful reminder to check out the listings on the Web, it is really a much better practice to rely on checking the link. Especially if you are reading the e-mail a day or more after it was sent.

Job alerts are an even better way to stay on top of job listings. This feature will allow you to receive e-mails that will alert you to new job postings which match selection criteria that you can adjust for your needs. To set up a job alert, you will need to create an account which you can do by following the instructions under “New Applicants” on this page:


In addition, to review all job postings go to: http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/business/hr/jobseeker

Need more info? Just call ext. 5465 or email hr@middlebury.edu and we’ll be happy to help!