Refereed Publications:

Civil War, Ethnicity, and the Migration of Skilled Labor, with James T. Bang, Eastern Economic Journal, forthcoming.

Discrimination in Festival Games with Limited Observability and Accessibility, with Mamoru Kaneko, Mathematical Social Sciences 62(1), July 2011, 34-45.

Brain Drain and Institutions of Governance: Educational Attainment of Immigrants to the United States 1988-1998, with James T. Bang, Economic Systems 35(3), September 2011, 335-354.

Gender Bias and the Female Brain Drain, with James T. Bang, Applied Economics Letters 18(9), September 2011, 829-833.

Selected Working Papers:

Financial Liberalization and the Brain Drain: A Panel Data Analysis, with Phanindra V. Wunnava and James T. Bang, IZA Discussion Paper 5953, Bonn: Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). The paper is currently under review at Empirical Economics.

A previous version has been circulated as an Employment Policy Research Network (EPRN) discussion paper available here.

Gender Bias, Governance, and Economic Growth, with A. Biswas and James T. Bang, under review, Oxford Development Studies.

Affirmative Action in a Two Stage Statistical Discrimination Model.

Non-Economics projects:

The Collective Pursuit of Unification: The Role of Collective Epistemic Goals, with Randall Harp and Kareem Khalifa, under review, Episteme.