Victorian Literature and Culture

Selected Articles and Reviews

Review of Charles Dickens: Sketches of Young Gentlemen and Young Couples: With Sketches of Young Ladies by Edward Caswell (Oxford, 2012). Ed. Paul Schlicke.  Review-19

“Technologies of Travel in the Victorian Novel,” Oxford Handbook to Victorian Literature, ed. Lisa Rodensky (Oxford UP, forthcoming)

 “’A Prodigious Map Beneath His Feet’: Virtual Travel and the Panoramic Perspective,” Nineteenth-Century Contexts Vol. 29, Numbers 2-3 (June/September 2007): 151-69.

“Rivers, Journeys, and the Construction of Place in Nineteenth-Century English Literature,” in Steven Rosendale, ed., The Greening of Literary Scholarship: Literature, Theory, and the Environment. (Iowa University Press, 2002): 77-94.

“Effortless Art: The Sketch in Nineteenth-Century Painting and Literature,” Criticism 41, 3 (Summer 1999): 349-64.

“The Uses of Landscape: The Picturesque Aesthetic and the National Park System,”  in The Ecocriticism Reader: Landmarks in Literary Ecology, ed. Harold Fromm and Cheryll Glotfelty. (University of Georgia Press, 1996).

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