Across Campus Hiatus

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For the time being, Across Campus is going on hiatus.

I created this blog–as its tagline indicates–to provide administrative updates that are relevant to the community. Over the last few months, however, communications throughout the College have been increasing and improving in other ways, perhaps creating less of a need for this type of blog.

The MiddPoints Weekly News & Announcements blog, which launched officially this spring, has seen an increase in posts and readership. The NEASC reaccreditation meetings provided an opportunity for all community members to share their concerns and ideas for making Middlebury a better institution. The Staff Council survey and ensuing campus- and district-wide meetings brought to light many of the challenges our staff encounter in the work that they do. The Vice Presidents have been communicating and working with their areas to address these issues, which primarily focus on work load, prioritization, and equity. Similarly, the upcoming Manager Training Program is designed to address these issues, as well.

We’ll take a break for now and reassess where we are in the spring.

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