Final meetings – please sign up

Please sign up for a final meeting time to review your paper – first come, first serve (using the comments section) though I ask that the Wednesday slots are reserved for those who are urgent to get feedback and advice.. Wednesday afternoon (3 slots) 2:00; 2:20; 2:40 Friday morning (8 slots) 9:20, 9:40, 10:00; 10:20; […]

Tuesday’s class – research paper workshop

I look forward to Tuesday’s class, in which we will be working with each other on research papers.  As mentioned in class on Thursday, please use the comments section here to (a) briefly summarize your research question(s); and (b) identify the big challenges you still face in order to have a top-notch paper.  Then – […]

Final topics

First, thanks for all of the hard work that you put into your drafts.  I look forward to reading them. Second, we have just five more meetings!  During the first of them – next Tuesday the 18th –  I’d like to study and discuss the issue that Kate raised the other day: new global-level institutions […]

Next week

So as discussed in class, here’s what will happen next week. For Tuesday, each of you will prepare three PowerPoint slides about a new (to the rest of the class) social entrepreneur that you have researched — doing work related to your topic — and whose experience can teach us something about social entrepreneurship and […]

Hawken and Bornstein

I think we need to do a better job in drawing out the themes and implications of Hawken’s provocative Blessed Unrest.  Here’s what I propose: as we read and discuss the material in Bornstein’s How to Change the World, let’s make a deliberate effort to connect the material there with material in Hawken’s book.  Please […]

Meeting times – PLEASE SIGN UP

I look forward to meeting you all over the next few days, to review next steps for your research.  Here are our meeting times: please use the comments section to sign up for one. Friday (6 slots) 3:20; 3:40; 4:00; 4:20; 4:40; 5:00 Monday (5 slots) 2:20; 2:40; 4:00; 4:20; 4:40.

Supporting information: diagnosing the problem of ‘solutions’

Resources on microfinance: What is microfinance: An open-source approach to microfinance: Global giving: The Green Revolution (NB, all you folks studying food …) Green Revolution: curse or blessing Larry Brilliant On Larry Brilliant and his social entrepreneurship On the pace and scale of social change Bury the Chains Critiques from anthropologists and […]

Do leading policy makers ‘think like ecologists?’

I thought we had a very good discussion on Thursday.  And Alex sent me an email , which I have reprinted here in full.  Please comment on this excellent point that Alex has made … (and note how ot relates to our discussion of your own training here at Midd …) Professor Isham I was […]

The essence of Three Cups of Tea

What is the importance of the material in Three Cups of Tea for our class?  How can the rest of the world — other social entrepreneurs, elected officials, leaders of NGOs and transnational organizations — learn from Mortenson’s experience in Pakistan?  Please use the comments section to offer your ideas: I will make sure that […]

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