Final topics

First, thanks for all of the hard work that you put into your drafts.  I look forward to reading them.

Second, we have just five more meetings!  During the first of them – next Tuesday the 18th –  I’d like to study and discuss the issue that Kate raised the other day: new global-level institutions that have developed, in recent years, to take on large-scale challenges.  To address this, we will study Lew Milford’s excellent Climate Choreography: How Distribution and Open Innovation Could Accelerate Development and Deployment And please also do a tour of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis website, as it’s an important precedent for Lew’s vision.

Finally, what else do you want to study and discuss together? I want you all to shape what we discuss in our final meetings: I will tailor the reaing assignments based on what you prioritiize.  please use the comments section here to propose final topics and readings …

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  1. With the sudden surge in interest of working for an Obama-led government, I want to know more about how leaders in poverty-alleviation of all kinds are making it “sexy” to work on our various issues. Does what Bono of U2 work? Does the TED conference work? What should be more important for the average American: awareness or donations (time, money, etc.)?

  2. I was thinking about maybe looking into the diminished role of nation-states in the future of world politics and what that may mean for the development community.

  3. Going off of Ryan’s last question, I would like to know how best to raise awareness to create responsible donators. Or if this is even all that important. Do organizations who need money always have to skew the picture a bit to get donators attention? I would also like to learn more about microfinance.

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