Supporting information: diagnosing the problem of ‘solutions’

Resources on microfinance: What is microfinance: An open-source approach to microfinance: Global giving: The Green Revolution (NB, all you folks studying food …) Green Revolution: curse or blessing Larry Brilliant On Larry Brilliant and his social entrepreneurship On the pace and scale of social change Bury the Chains Critiques from anthropologists and […]

Do leading policy makers ‘think like ecologists?’

I thought we had a very good discussion on Thursday.  And Alex sent me an email , which I have reprinted here in full.  Please comment on this excellent point that Alex has made … (and note how ot relates to our discussion of your own training here at Midd …) Professor Isham I was […]

The essence of Three Cups of Tea

What is the importance of the material in Three Cups of Tea for our class?  How can the rest of the world — other social entrepreneurs, elected officials, leaders of NGOs and transnational organizations — learn from Mortenson’s experience in Pakistan?  Please use the comments section to offer your ideas: I will make sure that […]

Getting started

In this course, we will use this online tool to communicate among ourselves.  As you can see on the left, I will document information about your projects on the blog’s ‘pages.’  I will also use this space to include news articles for us all to comment on.  And we can just keep track of logistics […]

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